Jewelry Repair

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   It happens every day. You lose an earring, break a pendant, dent a bracelet, or lose the back off of the brooch. However, often times the jewelry we have broken is a favorite piece that we simply don't want to throw away. The good news is you don't have to. Many jewelry repairs can be done while you wait. 

  •  Jewelry consultation is free. Please call 419.873.7344 or stop in. 

  1. We are glad to announce we are accepting jewelry repairs for 14k gold, sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry. 
  2. Also ring sizing, chain repair, prong repair, and clasp repair. 
  3. We also do beaded repairs. 

When we accept a repair from you, you will receive a written estimate of time and cost. Please stop by during our business hours and let us assist you with your beaded jewelry repairs. 

Jewelry Repair Services

Fine Jewelry Repair

Bonita Bead Boutique repairs fine jewelry

  • Necklaces- link repair, shortening or lengthening, clasp replacement, Advanced & basic chain repair. 
  • Rings- Re-sizing, Polishing, Prong service, stone mounting and setting. 
  • Bracelets- Re-sizing, Polishing
  • Earrings- Polishing, Engraving, Mounting, Post-backs, Screw-backs
  • Pearls- Cleaning, Gluing, Pearl drilling, Restring with or without knots.
  • Chain Repair- Solder, Fancy link, Solder Charm, Pin and tube hinge (tennis bracelet)
  • Tips and Prongs- re-tip, prongs- reset or adjust from prongs.
  • Stone Setting-  Solder head in place,  Round prong setting.   

Watch Repair Services

Battery replacement and maintenance and replace watch bands

  • Battery Replacement and maintenance  typically can be replaced while waiting or leave and have back within 24hrs. 
  • Watch Band Repair- We have access to many types of bands for Men & Women. 
  • Crystal Replacement- Unfortunately after time wear/tear your watch crystal can become scratched, cracked or broken and will need to be replaced.  We can replace crystal from your watch or pocket watch. 
  • Watch Stem & Crown- these parts are used to set time and date on your watch.  Your watch will need to stay with us and we will advise you on our time-schedule. 

Wire Work Repair Services


Sometimes we're able to fix an earring while waiting or reconnect wire onto chain - you may have to leave your piece with us. 

It involves a flat charge labor of $20.00 per hour, with a 15-minute (or $6.00) minimum for each repair labor + any other necessary beads, findings, wire needed.  

Wire jewelry making can be involved securing link to the bead, shape hoop earrings designed for you, herringbone weave using different wire gauges creating a weave around the bead.  Most wire-wrapping is carefully inspected to keep or enhance the beauty of your piece.    

Stringing Repair Services

Restringing services on  broken bracelet, necklaces

Sometimes we're able to string while you wait- depending on repair details- you may have to leave your piece with us. 

  • This involves a flat rate charge labor of $20.00 per hour, with a 15-minute (or $6.00) minimum for each repair labor + any other necessary beads needed or findings.  
  • We will restring on Beadalon wire crimp bead, and crimp covers.  

Pearl Knotting & Restringing

Knotting & Restore broken peal necklaces.  Resizing and custom design.

 We ask that you leave your pearls with us.  

  • This involves a flat rate charge of $35.00 per hour, with a 15 minute ($15.00) minimum for labor + any other necessary beads needed or findings. 
  • We will restring on silk cord and finish with french wire.  

Custom Work Services

Custom design beaded jewelry

Customers bring us broken or worn-out jewelry and/or new materials to be made into finished jewelry.  Custom work is the re-design or working on one or more pieces of existing jewelry.  

Custom work is re-designing and/or adding more materials to the existing jewelry.

BBB is happy to work with you to ensure professional craftsmanship. 

There are no refunds on repair services or custom work.  If you are unhappy please let us know within 2 weeks of delivery date.

Our mission is to keep all of our guests happy!  We will do what we can to make it what you want.   

Watch & Jewelry Repair Form

Please print your order request.  Please describe the problem you are having with your jewelry, watch.  

Once we receive your item, we'll inspect it and email you an estimated repair cost.  Let us make your jewelry look brand new.   No fee for estimates