Beading Therapy

Our mission on beading wellness & benefits of beading

Beading is therapeutic for children and adults.

Ann & Anita's mission is to make an impact on lives of those coping with cancer and their families by providing a different kind of care-support inspired by giving a positive message through beading.   The health benefits of beading is to help decrease illness-related stress, increase the use of positive coping strategies, help children find meaning in illness and restore a sense of self in children coping with a serious illness.  In addition, the beading therapy process allows children to share their expressions and experiences in battling cancer with others.    

How can Beading Improve & Beautify Your Life?

Beading is relaxing, and therapy.

There’s something soothing and therapeutic about making art. The way it relaxes you and gets your mind off your troubles. Anita and Ann continue to share several health benefits of beading:

  • Decreases illness-related stress
  • Provides positive coping strategies
  • Helps patients find meaning in illness
  • Restores a sense of self in those coping with serious illness
  • Improves fine motor, visual perceptual, and cognitive skills
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases energy levels

We offer beading workshops outside of the shop

Bead workshops available by Bonita Bead Boutique

We offer beading off-site whether we're beading with Church groups, Nursing homes, Migrant campsite, Diocese of Toledo Women's Conference.  We also worked with patients and families heal from cancer experience ProMedica Cancer Institute of Flower Hospital, Toledo Children's Hospital, Mercy Autism Services.  Every year we're delighted to be called to bead with children and delights. 

December 2017 Bead & Button Magazine


December 2017  Issue 142 

Bead & Button Magazine 

We made it in Bead Soup! Beading for a Cause


Shout out to Diane Jolie of Bead & Button.  Thanks for spreading the awareness about beading therapy.  

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