Designing your Bridal Jewelry

A Letter for Brides to be


Dear Brides, 

It is this foundation that gives us great appreciation for history, style and craftsmanship.  Know that whether you are making decisions for yourself as the bride, or gifts for your bridesmaids or flower girl each piece will be handcrafted and give you joy! 

Choosing Bonita Bead Boutique you will save time and energy by providing us your detail information.  We can then do the design and create jewelry according to your exact requirements. 

In the end we want you to leave our boutique 100% satisfied and 100% in love with your purchase. 

Beaded Jewelry for your wedding

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Services

Beaded jewelry for brides and bridesmaids,  special order and custom design for brides.

 Craft My Wedding
Have your jewelry custom made. Ann & Anita have been designing and selling jewelry for over two decades.  Or design and handcraft your jewelry at Bonita Bead Boutique.
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What you need to know while deciding hand-made jewelry for your bridal-party

Bridesmaids jewelry and gifts created find at Bonita Bead Boutique.

 What you need to know while deciding on handmade-jewelry for your bridal-party

  1. Shopping outside the big box stores can save you time and energy for unique items for bridesmaids jewelry
  2. Bring swatches of dresses to ensure the perfect match or color type. 
  3. Know your budget. 
  4. Be open to different styles, keep your options and your mind open, and you may just be surprised! 
  5. Please bring pictures or ideas of your jewelry design in mind. 
  6. Jewelry should be something that your bridesmaids want to wear and will wear again. 
  7. Keep jewelry comfy.